Using bee propolis to support human health dates back to Egyptian times, over 2000 years ago

The history of bee propolis usage dates back to ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians and Egyptians. Egyptian papyrus scrolls (the Hearst, Ebers, Berlin and Edwin Smith scrolls) describe the use of bee propolis as a treatment for wounds and in addition to its soothing and healing properties, Ancient Egyptians were known to have used bee propolis as an “embalming” substance. ​

As early as 100 BC, Roman soldiers were recorded as using bee propolis during war times for wound healing, but it wasn’t until 1600 that bee propolis’s status as a natural medicine was acknowledged, with it being listed as an official drug in the London Pharmacopoeia, UK.​

More recently, bee propolis was widely used in World Wars I and II for its ability to help with wound healing. ​

Today, people all over the world still use bee propolis as a natural traditional medicine support for wounds, skin, oral hygiene and repair, antibacterial action and immune function.

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